Thursday, October 7, 2010


  Over the summer hubby and I managed to put up a chain link fence all by ourselves..

we also managed to build them a dog house ...


and while yes Hubby did more of the build and cutting the wood... I helped him with the roof and painting it...  which thanks to Kentucky Mission Trip... we had no trouble putting the roof on the dog house... I didn't even have to leave the ground either.  (win for me)  We did all that so our 2 dogs could have lots more room to play and lets put it this way their medium size dogs...they need to be outside more often then inside our small home... So we gradualally let them out to play when we were home just in case they got out...on my days off I would let them stay out almost all day... things were going well and I was even ready to leave them alone while I went to work but before I could Ginger decided she was content... and so she escaped so she could play chicken in the road... so we blocked places where she could get under the fence.. and yet she managed to keep getting out... (my friend told me...that Ginger knows how to walk through fences..maybe like a magician?) Which I am starting to think is true after today... today she got out and I couldn't find a spot or any spot where she dug her way out... but she is very determined..and luckly after awhile of running around the neighborhood I found her before she ran in front of a car or something... but now its time for a new game plan!




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