Wednesday, September 29, 2010

As Summer fades away... I am left with the memories

Summer was great this year, both my husband and I celebrated our birthdays in July.. and I have many friends and family who’s birthdays also take place over the summer time… so lots of cake and going out!

I got the chance to go on a mission trip this summer to Kentucky with S.M.A.S.H. and it was amazing to see Gods work being done and to be apart of it all… Our group was sent to work on Mrs Dixie Roberts House who needed a new roof and new front porch. The job was estimated to be a 2 week job and we had 4 days to get the job done or else it would be left unfinished until next summer. We got the roof and porch put together and even steps which were not apart of the plan all done in 2 days.. we worked through the rain and not one complaint was made.. it was all God.. there was even one night where all 7 of us girls had to shower in less then an hour and get to service that night… but we even made that work. Since we had 2 days left to work in Kentucky we help another group who was having a lot of trouble with their projects and we came and helped them with Mrs Rubys roof since the other group could not get on the roof, they continue the siding while my group helped on the roof. The sun was out those last 2 days and it was hot! This time we worked with Metal and it was Very very bright and shinny! We again showed how great God was … we got the 2nd roof done in 2 days. It was a lot larger roof then the first and a lot different to put on…. It also was a lot further from the ground! but we were able to do it and Ruby was very happy.

( The photos above where from Dixie's house and the ones bellow are from Mrs Rubys house )
Previous to this mission trip I had never been to Kentucky and I have never roofed before.
I also had never used a nail gun, which was actually pretty cool. So it was cool to see Kentucky, it was nice and pretty with mountains & hills every where… infact everything seemed to be on the side of a mountain or hill… even cattle and we even had passed a graveyard…that was all hills .. the areas I was in they actually still had coal mines that still were in use… so we passed lots of coal trucks… we didn’t have much time for site seeing but we did stay at the college in Pikeville and from the college you had a cool view of the city.

To wrap up summer my husband and I finally got to get a mini vacation which was really nice, we had not been on vacation since the previous year which was in November. So it was really nice to get a way for a little bit we went to the beach, actually a beach that we had not been before but it was a cute place, less crowded it was lovely. The town had few good local restaurants I think our favorite was this Japanese place it was fantastic! We encountered some rain and clouds… we did get one really nice day of sunshine and it was a lovely day…and that morning the sunrise was amazing!! We had even seen a wedding take place on the beach, very sweet! We watched it from our balcony. But it was a nice trip to wrap up summer…

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