Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend is Practically here!

Well its Friday night so the weekend is practically here, this week has went by fast, actually this year has seemed to pass by rather quickly.. and I have realized this week I don't spend enough time with some of the people I care about so much.  That is a sad truth, but I attend to change that!

This week we had someone come out for an estimate on heating... we have an oil furnace which the guy said we had a crack in our furnace, and that it was very dangerous... which kinda stinks because last year we had a company come out quite a few times and yet they did not tell us or notice? that our furnace had a crack in it and was "Dangerous" for us!!  Needless to say I am very glad we did not get that company to come back out this year.  Well so now we are in the process of getting a new furnace a gas one though,  they are also going to have to put in new duct work, because the current duct work will not work ... and then the gas company has to come out and run a line for us... which is what seems is going to take the most time.. they gave us an estimate of 2 weeks maybe 3.. but hopefully things move along smoothly.  While all this is going on my husband will be redoing all over our electrical work in the house since let's just say "it needs it"  I have found with old houses its an on going process, but little by little things are getting done.

Also this week I attempted to knit ... I am going to admit at first I was kinda confused  and almost gave up .. I unravled what I was working on quite a few times but then I started to get the hang of it ...I still have lots to learn though...

Anyways take care my bloggy friends!



  1. I sure hope that all goes smoothly! Renovations are so involved. We just build new instead - LOL ;)

    What are you knitting?

  2. A new furnace should give you a little peace of mind. It would have been nice to know about it earlier so you could have gotten it replaced earlier, but hopefully it gets done before the weather cools!

    lol, I am trying to learn to knit as well and I totally understand your frustrations! All my pieces ended up triangular as I was constantly ending up with extra stitches, lol!

  3. Thanks Tammy! I am wanting to knit a scarf and maybe eventually work my way up to some awesome fingerless gloves!

    Yes Lorne a new furnace will give us peace of mind :) hehe yes knitting is umm yeah interesting to learn! The first piece I just finshed today I think I missed some knits and maybe add few some places...but I am getting the hang of it slowly lol Good luck to yourself! What are you wanting to make?

  4. Hope the renos go smoothly! Ooooh pretty soon you'll be able to knit a scarf or booties!