Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin carving...

This week I carved pumpkins with my sisters! Carving pumpkins is something I haven't done since I was a kid so we had a lot of fun carving pumpkins together and here are a few of the photos of carving pumpkin adventure we had ....

 First you will need a pumpkin
 Then you will need to make a lid
 Then you will need to clean all the guts out
much better... 

I went with the Black Pearl since this year I am going to dress up as a pirate
Starting to come along...

Now to just to smooth the edges and clean the outside of it since yeah... pumpkin carving is messy
The Finished project!
The Black Pearl

  So Bloggy friends did you carve a pumpkin this year?  If so what how was your pumpkin carving experience?


Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend is Practically here!

Well its Friday night so the weekend is practically here, this week has went by fast, actually this year has seemed to pass by rather quickly.. and I have realized this week I don't spend enough time with some of the people I care about so much.  That is a sad truth, but I attend to change that!

This week we had someone come out for an estimate on heating... we have an oil furnace which the guy said we had a crack in our furnace, and that it was very dangerous... which kinda stinks because last year we had a company come out quite a few times and yet they did not tell us or notice? that our furnace had a crack in it and was "Dangerous" for us!!  Needless to say I am very glad we did not get that company to come back out this year.  Well so now we are in the process of getting a new furnace a gas one though,  they are also going to have to put in new duct work, because the current duct work will not work ... and then the gas company has to come out and run a line for us... which is what seems is going to take the most time.. they gave us an estimate of 2 weeks maybe 3.. but hopefully things move along smoothly.  While all this is going on my husband will be redoing all over our electrical work in the house since let's just say "it needs it"  I have found with old houses its an on going process, but little by little things are getting done.

Also this week I attempted to knit ... I am going to admit at first I was kinda confused  and almost gave up .. I unravled what I was working on quite a few times but then I started to get the hang of it ...I still have lots to learn though...

Anyways take care my bloggy friends!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Give me your feed back!

    I would love for my readers to post and let me know what are your favorite bible verses...

Which ones bring you comfort ?   
Which ones bring you encouragement ?
Which ones make you face reality?

Which ones bring you Hope?


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten Ten Ten

 Today's date is interesting it is Oct. 10th of 2010 which is (10-10-10)  how cool is that!?   I find it to be very cool, and it makes me feel that I should go out and do something really fun and exciting. Although I don't think I am going to go off adventure today... but take it easy and enjoy this lovely Sunday.  I think the best way to honor a day of 10's is to Honor God  with His Ten Commandments!

1. I am the Lord your God, you shall have no other Gods before me.

2. You shall not make for yourself any idol
(you shall have no other Gods but me.)

3.You shall not take the name of Lord your God in vain.

4. Remeber the sabbath day, to keep it holy.

5 Honor your farther and mother

6 you shall not kill

7 You shall not commit adultery

8 You shall not steal

9. You shall not bear false witness

10 You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor

Well and to wrap things up a few photos


Thursday, October 7, 2010


  Over the summer hubby and I managed to put up a chain link fence all by ourselves..

we also managed to build them a dog house ...


and while yes Hubby did more of the build and cutting the wood... I helped him with the roof and painting it...  which thanks to Kentucky Mission Trip... we had no trouble putting the roof on the dog house... I didn't even have to leave the ground either.  (win for me)  We did all that so our 2 dogs could have lots more room to play and lets put it this way their medium size dogs...they need to be outside more often then inside our small home... So we gradualally let them out to play when we were home just in case they got out...on my days off I would let them stay out almost all day... things were going well and I was even ready to leave them alone while I went to work but before I could Ginger decided she was content... and so she escaped so she could play chicken in the road... so we blocked places where she could get under the fence.. and yet she managed to keep getting out... (my friend told me...that Ginger knows how to walk through fences..maybe like a magician?) Which I am starting to think is true after today... today she got out and I couldn't find a spot or any spot where she dug her way out... but she is very determined..and luckly after awhile of running around the neighborhood I found her before she ran in front of a car or something... but now its time for a new game plan!




Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Raising awareness for Breast Cancer

Many of you who are on face book,  see women who's  Status read " I like it on... (the counter, the couch, etc)"  which is apparently for raising awareness for breast cancer?  *shrugs who knew?*   When I first seen people putting that as their status updates... I couldn't believe such ladies would do that because when  you first read Sally Sue .. Likes it on the Table...  what comes to your mind?  Does breast cancer come to mind??  No! It comes off perverted and confusing... having nothing at all to do with Breast Cancer.   I get it in today's world sex sells... its used in the media to even sell food...  and so today while at work I was thinking about something cleaver to say but face book only allows you to write so much as a status update.. and this bible verse came to me.   

Be careful, however, that the exercise of your freedom does not become a stumbling block to the weak 1Cor.8:9

 Sometimes it may be harmless fun and sometimes what you do or say may not even be anything bad at all...but sometimes we need to ask ourselves... "Is what I am doing or saying being a stumbling block to someone who is weak...?"   

Breast Cancer is serious, I know many ladies who have battled it.. who are battling it now... even some of them family members.. So its very important to first off do your own exmination..   I know when I was in high school in sex ed class they taught us and told us the importance of checking yourself for breast cancer..  I honestly did not think about it to much afterward..  well in Sept of 2008 in check up it was discovered I had a lump a very noticeable lump! if only I would have checked myself I would have found it very easy... I had got an ultra scan the doctors said it was okay and that it looked like nothing but on the safe side, I had an biopsy...  I think my hubby (he was hubby to be at he time and my dad were more nervous that I was...)  It came back as a benign tumor  something actually quite common in younger ladies.  While yes I was relieved but it also taught me the importance of checking myself, especially since there is record of breast cancer in my family.  

So if you want to do something, Donate to money for research, Walk for someone,

  Spread news to your love ones and good friends to check themselves... we all need reminders! Most importantly Pray for those who are battling it!!

 For more Information on Breast Cancer 



Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's Fall time! -fact-

While its officially fall time, still bits of pieces of summer still linger around but are quickly fading away... the temperatures are much cooler now although some days are still quite warm! The trees are starting to turn you can tell the trees are just waiting to burst out in beautiful shades reds, oranges and yellows. I can't wait either I just love when the leafs turn its just one more reminder to me how Amazing God is, its amazing that he gave us seasons to experience each one bring us something new! We would be totally board if it stayed summer all year long or if it stayed winter all year long... we long for change, even though sometimes it may not be easy.

Fall has become my favorite time of the year, although don't get me wrong I like other seasons too but I just really enjoy fall time, I love the leafs changing colors and Hot apple cider!! I love the weather and I love how all my favorite shows come back with new episodes! I love boots and fall is an awesome time to bring them out and wear them! I love that my Anniversary is next month in November and Thanksgiving is not far away either... for some of my Canadian friends its October for them. Anyways those are just a few reasons I love fall. . .

Bloggy friends ~ What is your favorite thing about Fall?