Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Raising awareness for Breast Cancer

Many of you who are on face book,  see women who's  Status read " I like it on... (the counter, the couch, etc)"  which is apparently for raising awareness for breast cancer?  *shrugs who knew?*   When I first seen people putting that as their status updates... I couldn't believe such ladies would do that because when  you first read Sally Sue .. Likes it on the Table...  what comes to your mind?  Does breast cancer come to mind??  No! It comes off perverted and confusing... having nothing at all to do with Breast Cancer.   I get it in today's world sex sells... its used in the media to even sell food...  and so today while at work I was thinking about something cleaver to say but face book only allows you to write so much as a status update.. and this bible verse came to me.   

Be careful, however, that the exercise of your freedom does not become a stumbling block to the weak 1Cor.8:9

 Sometimes it may be harmless fun and sometimes what you do or say may not even be anything bad at all...but sometimes we need to ask ourselves... "Is what I am doing or saying being a stumbling block to someone who is weak...?"   

Breast Cancer is serious, I know many ladies who have battled it.. who are battling it now... even some of them family members.. So its very important to first off do your own exmination..   I know when I was in high school in sex ed class they taught us and told us the importance of checking yourself for breast cancer..  I honestly did not think about it to much afterward..  well in Sept of 2008 in check up it was discovered I had a lump a very noticeable lump! if only I would have checked myself I would have found it very easy... I had got an ultra scan the doctors said it was okay and that it looked like nothing but on the safe side, I had an biopsy...  I think my hubby (he was hubby to be at he time and my dad were more nervous that I was...)  It came back as a benign tumor  something actually quite common in younger ladies.  While yes I was relieved but it also taught me the importance of checking myself, especially since there is record of breast cancer in my family.  

So if you want to do something, Donate to money for research, Walk for someone,

  Spread news to your love ones and good friends to check themselves... we all need reminders! Most importantly Pray for those who are battling it!!

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  1. Well said! I lost my great Aunt due to breast cancer. And purses have nothing to do with raising awareness. I can pretty much guarantee a guy started the bra thing last year and this purse thing this year...

  2. It is unfortunate that in today's world sex sells. But last night on the national news here, during their daily online reports, they reported on this story then started talking about breast cancer, so I guess it does get the discussion going. But I agree with the 1 Corinthians verse, this is something that seems like innocent fun but as Christians we need to watch.

    I'm an extreme high risk for breast cancer. I appreciate anything that gets the conversation going but I won't change my status update because of the implication it would put out there. I'll let others do it, and continue what I'm doing, which is sharing my story.