Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jeep Adventures...

 Lately we have been blessed to have some really nice spring like days, while others have been typical February cold days.  Monday was a lovely day so with both hubby and I being off we decided to enjoy it.  So we borrowed my dad's Jeep and we went driving in the mountains...we ended up in Highlands,NC which is a really cute place.. we ate at "The Pizza Place"  and got a pizza to share... it was delicious! There was an ice cream place we were told was the best... but it was closed for the winter we walked around the town.. and then went to check out some of the local  water falls!

So first we came to  "Bridal Veil Falls"   which was very cool to see it was right on the side of the road... you can even drive underneath the falls, but due to the snow pile they had road blocks on both sides of the fall... but it was was still cool! 

 Next was "Dry Falls"  I know kinda ironic name for a water fall... but very pretty!  They also had a path where you could walk down to the fall and behind it... but that path was also closed... due to "Ice"  but I was still able to manage a photo from a viewing spot. 

The next fall was not "photoed"  but did have a rather funny name " Bust your Butt Falls"   so as we continued down the curvy mountain roads...
We came to Cullasaja Falls... which was amazing!!  So worth finding a small place to stand behind the guard rail to take the photo... Its very tricky to get a shot of this water fall because as you see above... its a curvy mountain road...not much room for a pull off area... there was a tiny strip of asphalt that barely fits a jeep..and very very uneven pavement... but my awesome amazing hubby managed to stop for me...Thank goodness we were in a jeep!!! 

We stopped at this place it had a cute mountain view...

but it was a lovely day and we had a wonderful time... I recommend going to Highlands and also checking out the cool waterfalls (they are all very close to town... 2-9miles away) 

Anyways Thanks for reading!! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back to the daily

 It has been awhile since I have felt like myself... I was sick with the flu...and it made me feel like a zombie  (I am sure I didn't look much like a human either... good thing I stayed inside..someone may have gotten scared and tried to give me the double tap)  but now I am feeling much better, still not 100% myself yet...seems I am getting back to myself again ... Thankfully!!

 This weekend we had some very nice weather... and it felt so great outside... very spring like feel... my husband and I went on a long drive just to get out and enjoy the nice weather ... it was lovely. 

This past Sunday I was reminded of how easy it is forget about God and what He has done and is doing and can do... in my life.. one example I seen this weekend was ...It can be as simple as having a bad day instead of talking to God about it... we long to talk to our loved ones.. people who we are close to... its like we forget how we can talk with God and He will always listen... He always has the time to stop and listen...  How many times do we feel ignored by our loved ones because they aren't listening or they rushing through the conversation because they have other things that need to get done and God is not like that He always has the time for us.. how awesome is that!

God does not want to be forgotten! I have been reading in Deuteronomy lately.  Moses is giving a farewell address to the people before they enter the promise land....the main thing he keeps reminding the people not to forget God.. his comandments, laws, and decrees... Not to forget what God had done for them.. and is doing for them.. 

Its hard to believe that we put God in a box... we like to think we do not do such things... why would we do that to God?  but we do it... and alot of times it is so very easy to do so...