Wednesday, November 14, 2012


You may have heard me mentioning Nicaragua on facebook, the reason why is because I am going.  This upcoming February I will be going to Nicaragua on a mission trip with my church. I am really looking forward to going, and this will be my first international mission trip. 

Many Sundays ago, I was told about the oppuritunity to go to Nicaragua....we seen photos and videos that our preacher had took when he and other pastors, preachers and men of God went to see about doing missions over there... and it just really broke my heart to see children digging for food at the dump sites... and the homes they lived in... where nothing but sticks in the ground with tarp around them... villages who had one out house for the whole village, and also one cooking site for the whole village... many villages didn't even have running water.  I just wanted to go and help...doing whatever I could... I knew that I was just  meant to go on this trip. 

After I had decided I wanted to go, I had prayed about it to make sure I was meant to go.  However I also had other things on my heart that I desired  more than going to Nicaragua.  I would have choose them over going to Nicaragua but God showed me that I needed to go to Nicaragua.  It was hard at first to give up what I wanted, what I desired although I knew it was the right thing to do... that still didn't make it easy. 
But you know what I got to a time where I realized that it was what I need to do, and I got so much peace from putting God first. 

We have many people going on this trip, so we have been doing fundraisers to raise money for our expenses.  So far we have raised some money but we still need to raise lots more.  This friday we will be having a dinner and auction at our church  (Marietta First Baptist Church)  if you would like to come and support us dinner is at 6pm and the auction is at 6:45pm.   The dinner is going to be a buffet sytle Nicarguan food,  $10 adult,  $5 kid  and $30 maxium for a family.  

If you do not live local or you aren't interested in the dinner/auction but still would like to Donate to help us go to Nicaragua .. I have a paypal button where you can send me paypal Or you also can make out an check to MFBC  and write (Nicaragua) in the subject line.   I can give you the address of where to mail it. 

But also I would love to have your prayers, as we prepare to go! 

Thanks Friends!


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