Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Stash for Cash

Have you heard about Movember?   Movember is a month dedicated to raising awareness and money towards Mens health specifically for prostate and testicular cancer.    Men will start off with a clean shaved face and will grow out a stash.   Stash for cash...  This year my husband is taking part of raising money to support this cause.  I am proud of my husband for taking part and helping support this cause, its awesome!

My father in law has decided that if  my husband can raise $1,000  that my father in law will shave off his mustash.  This a big deal because my father in law has had his mustash and beard for 30years.  My father in law has been growing out his mustash and beard since he was a teenager and has never shaved it not once!! So not only will my husband be raising money for an important cause but we also have a goal to reach!  

This is Chandler's page    Please check it out,  I would love for you to donate money to help, or atleast to leave comments for support as Chandler raises cash for stash's!  


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