Monday, January 3, 2011

Reflecting on the year past...

Its hard to put a year worth's of stories, memories that occurred in the year 2010 ... like any year and downs occur but its been a year of learning to be content even when your going through something hard... because God will get you through it... and I have learned a lot about how God provides for my needs... and while I am still learning and growing in Christ.. in the year 2010 I have done lots of awesome eye opening things like I went to feed the homeless, help repair some one's home,  worked at Pizza Inn for a night to get money for the Kentucky Mission trip (where we spent a week in the rain and sunshine putting new roofs on 2 houses)  a lot of those eye opening things happened because of getting involved with my church group... stepping out of my comfort zone is really hard... and I am so glad that did I am still learning to step out of my comfort zone but this past year I also went on my very first women's retreat with the ladies from my church... it was a great experience... one thing I took away from it was that I learned that one of my spiritual gifts is encouragement... and while I was at the women's retreat I met a lady who God put it on my heart to encourage her as she went through this hard time and I got her address and have wrote her a few times.  and I even started to send messages of encouragement to others, something I need to work on this year too though...

This past year my husband and I have got to do lots of fun house projects... we put up a chain link fence for our dogs and we also built them a dog house (I admit my husband did a lot more of the work ...but I contributed too!)  we finally got around to putting down a new floor in our living room, and we also had to get a new furnace which was not the best experience but the outcome is far we are staying warm this winter!  I am very greatful for having heat it really is a blessing.  We also have new electrical in the house thanks to my awesome Hubby :)

Also this past year I started back working out, Thanks to my friend who made me lots and lots of new work out routines...I really enjoyed working out and it also helped me face another goal.. of drinking more water... I started off slow ....since I didn't drink much water and really didn't care for the taste of it... but now I have got where I drink a soda or tea or something like that every now in again but mainly stick to water... I am still working on my diet (Thanksgiving and Christmas did not help with that haha!)
Also I started reading my bible beginning to End... still working on that though so this will carry on in 2011 but I am really enjoying reading it from beginning to end..
I also learned to knit (well still learning...) but I have made few scarfs and I must say I am really loving seemed so difficult in years past but I tried it and now I love it...  I really want to make hats so that is a 2011 goal.
I also made my first sock monkey for my husband, but I admit its became ours and we named him Paul.
another first for me was I went indoor rock climbing and it was fun and a little tough but something I want to do again ...
plus lots of new food experimenting went on this year ... so many new favorites!
and this past year was my first year with my new camera which has been lots of fun and I have learned alot about photography and different techniques... I am still growing and improving but I dream of quitting the postal world some day and just take photos all day long...

This past year I had enjoyed doing fun things around the Holidays that I haven't in along time.. like carving pumpkins with my sisters.. that was so much fun and they turned out so well...  and This year my husband and I went to a Christmas tree farm and picked our own Christmas tree...and of course the tree we got was on top of the hill haha!  It was a fun experience was snowing when we went to get our tree ... and its so fun to have a real tree again... the house smells amazing (still)

Anyways... bloggy friends those are just some of my reflections of the year 2010...  What are some that stand out to you and your 2010 year?



  1. It's great how you reflect upon the past year and see so many great things that have happened. I too need to do this and stop thinking about bad things or hard things! I am glad you really enjoyed your year :-)

  2. Sounds like you had a great year. I'm hoping that this year I can step out of my comfort zone, and your post has just helped with my inspiration for that.
    I can definitely see that encouragement is one of your spiritual gifts!

  3. Sounds like a really great year with some really cool growth opportunities for you!

  4. Thanks! Don't get me wrong the past year was not all easy and was not all filled with good things but I am choosing to reflect on the good things from the year :)