Monday, January 10, 2011

White Monday

Snow...that fluffy white powdery stuff...the icy cold stuff snow people are made of ... it was there when I woke up this morning early at 6:30am all 8in and I think its about 10in now?  I usually am such a kid when it comes to snow... I really do enjoy it but today all I wanted was more sleep...but hubby insisted that I wanted to get up early with him and drink coffee and so I did.. but today I was not happy about the snow.. I had to go to work while it seemed like everyone else got to stay home and sleep or go play in the snow... and the crazy part is my truck driver who delievers the mail to the post office couldn't make it there was no mail to work...and really no point of me  being here...



  1. I so miss snow!!!!! Btw, I LOVE your name signature witht he leaf. How did you do that?

  2. I made an image 2in (w) 1in (h) resolution 100 and transparent background.. with photoshop and then used photobucket to host the photo.

    then you go you to your dashboard and under your blog you should see settings --> then formatting and then at the very bottom you see "Post Template" where you put in the code for your image.