Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sponge Bob is ready to travel the world!

I know some of you may participate in Operation Christmas Child already, and I know some of you have heard of it... but if you have not it is an wonderful opportunity to reach out and spread the gospel that Samaritans Purse does each year! Please check out the links for more information about Operation Christmas Child and also all the great things Samaritans Purse does around the world! Did you know that 8 Million Children received shoe boxes last year, how amazing is that!!  Over 130 Countries have received shoe boxes since 1993, how cool is that? 

and it all starts with a shoe box... 


 and then a prayer for the child who will receive the shoe box, and for that child's life to be touch by God! 

Last year, was the first year that I did mine online, which is cool because when you print your label online after your shoe box is delivered it will tell you where it ended up... and last year my box went to Togo, which is a country in Africa!

The National collection week is Nov 15-22  so if you haven't got a chance yet and still want to participate you still have a few days to make a child's day!

 This year I just felt convicted to pack a box for a girl between the ages of 10-14 and I do hope she enjoys her gifts I picked out for her, but more importantly I will be praying for her this year!

I encourage you my bloggy friends to pray for the children who will receive the shoe boxes this year that God will open there hearts to His word! 


  1. Very cool! Love the Spongebob! We`ll be doing this for sure next year! We would do it this year, only we`re a little late.