Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall is passing by...

I am not sure if its just me but I feel like fall has passed by with out a hello or goodbye... Its gotten cold outside, I know my friends in places where it is colder...may think I am crazy for saying that but its cold, and I am not a fan. Which is why I am Super excited that we should have heat next week!  So this weekend we have lots of things to get done around the house and Hubby still has his electrical work to do..

I have been getting some clothes and shoes etc together to give away because they are no longer needed items.. I even am giving away some of my favorite pieces of clothing because they no longer fit, and while I could hang on to them for that "some day I might can wear this again"  I have realized that is selfish of me... and so I am giving it away so maybe it can make someone's day. 

last weekend was fun with chili, baked potatoes, bonfire and games...  we also had our church event on Halloween night  "Light the Night with Jesus"  which there was trunk or treating, food, games, even a train ride.. I helped my sister hand out candy and even carved a new pumpkin just for the night ...and the best part of the night was 15 people got saved how cool is that! 

and my scarf is almost complete, I want it to get a little bit longer but Its not to shabby for my first knitting project. I must say I am enjoying learning to knit!

 and since your good bloggy readers .... fun fall photos!



  1. Looking forward to seeing your finished scarf!

  2. yeah me too! Way to go Jennifer!

  3. Gorgeous pictures honey! I love fall colours.


  4. Beautiful! I wish our Fall looked that pretty! Looking forward to seeing your finished scarf!

  5. Thanks friends, I will be posting my scarf very soon so be on the look out ;)