Friday, January 4, 2013

Another Year has passed

Another year has passed by and like all years that have passed by it was full of ups and downs.  2012 ended with a funeral of my husband’s grandfather which was a sad loss.  The man had some interesting ways about him but some of those interesting ways are the very thing that makes us smile in remembrance of him. 

This past year has been tough and heartbreaking but looking back on the year past…I see how much stronger I have become and how God has helped us through it, which really helps me to see how blessed I am. 

This past year flew by, I think because we were so busy this year… we never really got to stop and enjoy it.  But we had a few moments where we did… In spring we got to go camping one weekend to a campground that we had heard about the day before we left.  It turned out to be a really awesome place. The camp sites were secluded, spacious and clean.  We brought our dog Max along with us and he did great with his first camping trip.  We even got to go on a hike that was a nice easy going hike but had a spectacular water fall view.  Then in Fall our friend, hubby’s best friend came down from Oregon to visit with us for a few weeks. It was a treat to have him down and stay with us and we even got to take him to Galtinburg,TN which was fun!

One of the best things and perhaps one the main reasons why we were so busy this year was because Chandler and I signed on our own house in July.  I would have never really thought we would end up with the house we did…but it was all Gods doing.  The very house we bought is the same house that Chandler and I looked at before we even got married.. and at the time the house needed repairs and it wasn’t in our budget. Years past as we watched this house sit empty, go for sale, and then get took off the market… then this past year it was on the market and we had been thinking about moving …we always looked around you know “window shopped”  at houses.  It wasn’t until this year that we were able to make this happen… and we searched and searched.. looked at few other houses but we ended up at the very house we looked at 5years ago.  God has blessed us with a lovely place of our own… its an older house but it has great potential and we got a few things we really wanted our house to have… for hubby it was a garage aka Man Cave… for me it was a spacious kitchen, hardwood floors and fire place.  

While the house has been one of the best things, half our year was very busy because of the whole process of getting the house and then moving…which wasn’t easy when my husband had to start going out of town the very next week after we signed on our house… it made things difficult to move and get things done we needed to do.. when he worked all week out of town and would only get to come home for the weekend.  But things started calming down and then the Holidays began.  Once the Holidays started time really flew by then and now its 2013.


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